Curbstone Ramps for companies and private estates

Innovative ride on aids for house, yard and industrial driveways

Curbstone Edges can damage the chassis parts and tires Depending on the height of a curb, passenger cars will make it difficult to maneuver and lift forklifts. 
With our curb ramps, you can easily solve this problem.

Since this is a multipurpose product, the following applications are possible and differ in your name: loading ramp, loading wedge, loading aid,
Truck ramp, alternative to lowered curb, rubber ramp, ramp-on aid, wheelchair ramp, car ramp, curb, cable bridge, hose bridge, edge protection, forklift truck.

Sports and play equipment for public use

Trampolines, swings, net and ropefabriken

The movement and climbing toys specially designed for the permanent and outdoor use are designed for the planning of recreation facilities, as well as playing areas, playgrounds
and school stations are ideally suited and meet all the guidelines of DIN EN 1176.

We would be pleased to advise you in your building project, offer you assistance with the selection and provide you with corresponding offers on special products.
These include: Climbing racquets, climbing pyramids, net bridges, nets, ropes, swinging frames, swinging baskets, nest swing, bird swing, hanging mats, sun sails, protective nets, dralonets, ball nets.


Water treatment – Makes tap water alive – Made in Germany

The beoniSator technology relies on the shearing of water on natural quarries (river pebbles) in the magnetic field, water clusters are broken….

Reduction of the surface tension
Goes faster
Dissolved lime is microcrystalline
Is absorbed faster than the body water
Diuretic works
Tastes fresh – animals love it, too you taste the difference.

Ethanol Fireplaces

Fire completely without smoke and soot

Elegant fireplaces in modern and geometric forms,
In variations of glass & amp; steel

Ethanol fireplaces give lobbies and adjoining terraces, as well as entrance areas
Pleasant atmosphere by flaking flame games and moderate, cozy warmth.

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