Shankbits and boring heads

We offer 2-winged flat-tooth rock drill head with a chisel as well as a center pilot head, depending on the variant with round shank chisel or flat tooth design.

Combination auger with interchangeable wing chisel as well as exchangeable carbide flat teeth as chisel edge.
Modified material combinations for improved customer application.


Pilot-/ Fishtailbits

We offer pilot drill bit as a clay scabbard.

The individual design of the clay augers offers you an optimal result in terms of economy, the special drill heads are provided depending on the application with different teeth and chisel.


Round shank chisel and holder

We offer you picks.

Massive round-chisel ballistic form
Specially developed for long service life.
As a heavy version – with additional chisel holder on offer


Wood industry tool

Accessories for different requirements in wood industry construction.
Carbide flat teeth, milling heads, adapters and many more are available to our customers in wood processing


Hex and square hubs

Hex and square hubs as adapters in various thread combinations, lengths and diameters.

Depending on the order quantity, the designs can be adapted to customer requirements.
Delivery partly from stock.


Discs and Rings

We offer Discs and Rings.

For example :Packer discs, cam rings, crosskill rings, cambridge rings and star rings. For cultivators, disc harrows.


Duckfoot shares, for cultivators

We offer you duckfoot shares for cultivators,

look at our big sortiment for various shapes and sizes.


Screw Flights

Worm shaft for welding for dry boring.
Spiral blade for welding on diameter Ø XX


Drag Bits

We offer wing step tools with increased flow.

Massive 3-step step chisel
Specially developed for long service life.
As a heavy version – the cutting edges are covered with special tungsten carbide carbide plates, due to the arrangement and additional steps, the service life compared to the commercial products could be increased.
The geometry ensures optimized material removal and improved drilling feed.


Rock drill

We offer rock drilling head.

Specially developed drill head with low wear due to large, exchangeable round chisel bits as carbide inserts.

– Rock bits with shovel crown
– Rock bits Centering with hard metal flat teeth
– Rock bits with exchangeable round shank bits


Flat teeth and holders

We offer flat teeth and holders.

Our flat tooth chisel range includes several different massive tooth designs, such as Flat teeth, rock teeth suitable according to customer requirements.
Specially developed for long service life.


Bucket Teeth

We offer you bucket Teeth,

We have a wide assortment of different shapes and sizes, so you get the right one for your individual use.


Forging Parts

We offer you Forging Parts.

Depending on your needs, we can also produce and create various parts for you. In this category you get a better idea of ​​it and you can see some examples.


Wheel Hubs, Wheel Bearings

We offer you wheel hubs and wheel bearings.

Wheel hubs and wheel bearings for a wide variety of vehicles and machines


Shares, Cultivatorshares

We offer you sharp shares and cultivator shares.

Among our products are also various shares and coulters,
such as sharpshares or cultivator shares